Young Michael Ryerson Wilson McGraw

What did you see when you saw what you saw?

Why did each eye get as big as a plate?

What was it occurred on that marvelous date?


Did trumpeting elephants charge out of your wall

Stampede through your door and out in the hall,

Dash down the stairs and out in the yard,

And onto the sidewalk of concrete so hard,

And then disappear as quick as a flash,

With a snort and a wink, and a terrible crash?


Did little green marsmen come down in a ship

Packing a raygun on each little hip,

Climb up on your bed and solemnly stare,

And tell you of dangers that you must beware,

And talk of adventures and things they had done,

Then off to their ship again, wasn’t that fun?


Were there great hairy monsters down under your bed,

A dozen red eyes in a ring ‘round their heads,

Great white teeth gleaming and sharpened to points,

The nose on each face having three to five joints,

But with funny high voices that told you right quick

They weren’t really there – it was all just a trick.


Young Michael Ryerson Wilson McGraw

What did you see, when you saw what you saw?