Extraordinary Mind

Doorbell rings! They’re here!

Children racing into the house;

Their parents, more decorous,

Smile and step inside…

Daughter says, “Hi, Mom!”


She hugs her daughter while,

Over shoulder glancing left…

And a quick look right.

Sees all not done before

This visit started.


There’ll be no joy in laughter

From the boys around the house

Or pleasant Mother-Daughter talk.

All that she will see will be

Life all out of place.


For the thousandth aching time

She wishes, always unaware,

For what she cannot name,

Even to herself –

An ordinary mind.


He’s watched this play,

Repeat across the desperation

Her face reflects unconsciously,

This silent pain, this

Extraordinary mind.


Ev’ry surface overflows…

With decisions never made.

Piles, stacks and boxes

Of the yesterdays of her

Extraordinary mind.


Her life’s defined by acronyms,

Cold letters that will not

Allow her to sort or choose,

MS, OCD, ADD all lie within

Her extraordinary mind.


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