About Us

RC Larlham turned 72 in July of 2014, and by November 20 had published his second book (Book Two of his memoir, “The Old Man and Me”). He has been, and done, many things in his life. As the song goes, “I’ve been a farmer, a student, a soldier and….” Well, that’s not how the song really goes, but it is a fair representation of Mr. Larlham’s younger years. His two-volume memoir is a mostly humorous, short story style telling of his life as a boy growing up on a farm in America’s post-war Midwest, making it to college, leaving to become a soldier and returning. He is presently completing the third and final volume of his memoir, writing short stories for this site and working on a novel. It’s true, RC Larlham was a farm kid, but he also graduated from Hiram College with a degree in Biology and married his college sweetheart.