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RC Larlham turned 72 in July of 2014, and by November 20 had published his second book (Book Two of his memoir, “The Old Man and Me”). He has been, and done, many things in his life. As the song goes, “I’ve been a farmer, a student, a soldier and….” Well, that’s not how the song really goes, but it is a fair representation of Mr. Larlham’s younger years. His two-volume memoir is a mostly humorous, short story style telling of his life as a boy growing up on a farm in America’s post-war Midwest, making it to college, leaving to become a soldier and returning. He is presently completing the third and final volume of his memoir, writing short stories for this site and working on a novel. It’s true, RC Larlham was a farm kid, but he also graduated from Hiram College with a degree in Biology and married his college sweetheart. Read More
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Extraordinary Stories from an Ordinary Childhood Post WWII is the first in an envisioned three (or four) volume series of books, each of which will contain about fifty vignettes of pieces of my life. You’re going to learn a lot about one boy’s life growing up on a farm and moving on in life from there. From that life, you’ll have learned a lot about how Americans who lived in small towns and farming communities survived and grew after the end of WWII.

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  • R.C. "Chuck" Larlham, has written a memoir of life with his loving, strong-willed parents... In a terrifically funny scene, a Thanksgiving turkey dinner is almost....’

    The Akron Beacon Journal
  • A sense of how this book will affect you can be derived from the fact that about two-thirds of the way through I was inspired to write down some memories...’

    David J. Kent — author of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity In Amazon Books
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