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I became seventy-two years old in July of 2014, and I'm a 2nd time author now... published my first book in 2013 and my second Nov. 20 of this year. . I grew up on the farm and in the family described in The Old Man and Me, which I plan to have become at least a three book series. This is the short version of my bio; the books are the long version. I may have been a farm kid, but I have a college degree in biology and a graduate degree environmental science. My late wife used to call me her “Educated Hick.” I have a son, Matthew, married to the lovely Leanne, and a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Nick and mother to my two grandsons. It’s time to leave a legacy.

Someone wrote a song about me. It goes, “I’ve been a soldier, a poet, a pawn and a king...” well, not really a king, and the song isn’t about me, but the tagline isn’t a bad summary of my life, “I’ve been everything.” Everything meaning a lot of things I never planned to be. I spent three years as a soldier, six years as a college/grad student and a year as a management trainee with Seiberling Tire/Firestone. I moved on to urban environmental planning, from there to private environmental consulting, and then into environmental compliance for a major Midwest Electric and Gas company... and now Author.

Many of my readers may have heard of The Hattie Larlham Foundation. Hattie Larlham was my mother. She was a nurse and a woman of great compassion. From that and the Old Man’s credo grew the Foundation, which was started in our old farmhouse. They always told people it was my fault, because:

Mother was a nurse at a local hospital, and one night she was ranting about a neighbor who had to take home a child she couldn't care for. Finally she said, "Somebody ought to DO something!"

I was trying to study and her rant wasn’t helping. I looked up and said, "Well, aren't WE somebody?"

Turned out... we were.

Larlham Family Credo
by Dick Larlham - The Old Man

Big people help little people, they do not take advantage.
Any of us may find ourselves a big person or a little person depending on time and circumstance




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